I couldn’t have picked a worse day for the Menu for Change Challenge to start.  Stuck in a board meeting for 7 hours (doing the day job!).  Danish pastries and orange juice for breakfast, not my usual healthy breakfast.  Working lunch of a sandwich platter courtesy of our office caterers, unfortunately all of them contained meat or smoked salmon.  I’ve pledged to go Meat Free for the week, but I’m presuming I can eat fish, however, having previously checked the Slow Fish website farmed salmon is NOT on the sustainable list due to the environmental havoc it causes.  So I sneaked out of the meeting to the office canteen and bought an egg mayonnaise sandwich on white bread – not much choice there!

Arrived home after an exhausting day at the office and made cauliflower cheese and chips – my ultimate comfort food!  Finished with an apple from the tree in my garden, sweet and crispy but no idea which variety, sorry.

If you want to take the challenge, Enter the Food for Change Challenge:

For one week, you commit to making one important change to how you eat:

– Go meat free for a week
– Only eat local for a week
– Waste zero food for a week