Today was much easier as I was in control.  Breakfast was my usual homemade organic natural yoghourt with a dollop of Leinster Honey – a raw honey.  Raw honey is not heated, not pasteurised and is not processed, therefore contains all the natural health benefits.

Lunch was a Chinese Take-away, but not any old Chinese take-away, but traditional Chinese food from the Oriental Emporium in Jervis Street.  Not only does this Chinese supermarket stock all known and yet to be discovered Chinese ingredients, but it also has one of the best fresh fish counters in Dublin, including live crabs and lobster.  The “take-away” section comprises two counters, cold and hot.  From the cold counter there is a delicious choice of Chinese salads.  Behind the counters you can watch the chefs prepare the traditional food for the hot counter.  All manner of meat, vegetable and fish dishes are prepared.  Today, for the princely sum of €6, I chose an aubergine and green pepper stew with black beans and a tofu and bok choi stir fry, served with a separate portion of boiled rice. So different from the local Chinese take-away.

For dinner, I embraced the zero waste philosophy and regenerated yesterday’s cauliflower cheese into a delicious cauliflower cheese soup, merely by adding a mix of milk and water and then blitzing in the liquidizer.  The resulting soup was reheated and sprinkled with more cheese and served with toasted homemade sourdough bread.

If you want to take the challenge, Enter the Food for Change Challenge:

For one week, you commit to making one important change to how you eat:

– Go meat free for a week
– Only eat local for a week
– Waste zero food for a week