Challenge your friends to put only local, seasonal food on their tables for three weeks

By consuming fresh, local, seasonal products as much as possible, made without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers, we can reduce emissions and send a clear message to the international community: we demand an alternative to the dominant, industrialized food system, and we’re not prepared to wait. Sign up for the challenge!

Do you know how many miles your food has travelled?
Where does it come from, how did it get here?
Where did you buy it? Was it in season? 

Simple questions, right? Yet they’re fundamental for the future of our planet.

Because when we consume vegetables that have been imported from across oceans, that’s unsustainable. Demanding to have fruit available even when it’s not in season is unsustainable. The waste generated in this supply chain is unsustainable. When you buy these products, there’s a world of middle-men and multinationals between you and your food. And most of what you pay never makes it back to the farmer.

Ask yourself: what food is grown where you live? If you choose local food from small-scale producers, you’re reducing emissions. You’re supporting your local economy. And what’s more, you’re eating fresher, healthier, more delicious food.

Slow Food works with a network of small-scale producers around in order to defend their enormous wealth of local food traditions. Help us support them!

The first challenge of this campaign is to support local, seasonal food. With the slogan Eat local we’re asking everyone to make a change, starting in their own homes!

Time for action!

So here’s the challenge: from October 16th, World Food Day, until November 5th, try and eat only local, seasonal food from small-scale producers near you, and ask your friends and family to do the same. Then tell us how it went!

Take pictures, make videos, send us recipes, tell us about your events!

Share them on social media with the hashtags #MenuForChange #SlowFood #EatLocal