Aran Island Goats Cheesewww.arangoatcheese.com – Aran Soft Goat’s Cheese; Gouda infused with Dillisk; Mature Gouda; Goat’s Summer Cheese

Ardsallagh Goats Productswww.ardsallaghgoats.ie – Pasteurised Goat’s Milk; fresh soft cheese; semi-hard mature cheese; smoked cheese; feta cheese

Bellingham Blue – http://bellingham.ie – Raw Cow’s Milk;  Irish Raw Milk Cheese Presidium;

Bridgefield Farm – homemade hard scoop ice-cream, trailer and cart.  Events and catering.  bridgefieldfarm@gmail.com

Cáis na Tirewww.caisnatire.ie – Pasteurised Sheep’s Milk; hard cheese matured for 6-12 months;

Cahills – www.cahillscheese.ie – Pasteurised Cow’s Milk; Ardagh Chalice Wine Cheese, red waxed truckle, flavoured with red wine; Ballintubber, black waxed truckle, vintage cheddar with chives; Ballyporeen, green waxed truckle flavoured with mixed herbs; Porter, brown waxed truckle, flavoured with porter; Whiskey, yellow waxed truckle, flavoured with Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey

Carlow Farmhouse Cheesewww.carlowfarmhousecheese.comCarlow Tomme – Raw Goat’s Milk; Nine Stones – Edam style, washed curd – Raw Cow’s Milk; Sheep’s Cheese – Pasteurised Sheep’s Milk; Pasteurised Goat’s Milk; Pasteurised Sheep’s Milk Yoghurt; Irish Raw Milk Cheese Presidium;

Cashel Bluewww.cashelblue.com – Cashel Blue & Cashel Blue Organic – Pasteurised Cow’s Milk, semi-soft blue; Crozier Blue – Pasteurised Sheep’s Milk, semi-soft blue; Shepherd’s Store – Pasteurised Sheep’s Milk, European style semi-hard;

Cloonconra Cheesewww.facebook.com/Cloonconra-Cheese-327422350650755/ – Raw Cow’s Milk, Cloonconra Óg – fresh soft cheese; Cloonconra Aibí – mature farmhouse, natural rind cheese; both made from the milk of the herd of pedigree ancient Irish breed Moiled Cows on the organic farm; Irish Raw Milk Cheese Presidium;

Coolattin Farmhouse Cheesecoolattincheddar.ie – Mount Leinster;  Raw Cow’s Milk; Cheddar; also available as mature, vintage and smoked; Irish Raw Milk Cheese Presidium;

Cooleawww.cooleacheese.com – Pasteurised Cow’s Milk; semi-hard to hard, Gouda style; available Plain, Matured, Extra Matured; Cumin Seed

Corleggy Cheesewww.corleggycheeses.ieDrumlin, Raw Cow’s Milk, hard; Cavanbert, Raw Cow’s Milk, soft camembert style; Corleggy, Raw Goat’s Milk, Hard; Corleggy Kid, Raw Goat’s Milk, soft log; Creeny, Raw Sheep’s Milk, hard;  Irish Raw Milk Cheese Presidium;

Dingle Peninsula Cheese – Dilliskus Cheese; Raw Cow’s Milk; semi-soft; natural rind; flavoured with Dillisk seaweed; Irish Raw Milk Cheese Presidium;

Dozio’s of Mayo – https://www.facebook.com/doziocheese/ – Ella, Irish Furmagella,  unpressed, semi-hard pasteurised cows milk cheese; Mayo Summer Cheese, pressed, semi-hard, pasteurised with a nutty flavour; Zing, Irish Zincarlin, soft pasteurised cows milk cheese, plain and flavoured.  All  cheeses  based on recipes from the South of Switzerland

Durrus Farmhouse Cheesewww.durruscheese.com – Durrus, Pasteurised Cow’s Milk, semi-soft, rind; Durrus Óg, Pasteurised Cow’s Milk, semi-soft; Dunmanus, Raw Cow’s Milk, hard;  Irish Raw Milk Cheese Presidium;

Gubbeen Cheesewww.gubbeen.com – Pasteurised Cow’s Milk, Washed Rind Cheese; Smoked Cheese in Black Wax

Killeen Cheesehttps://killeenfarmhousecheese.wordpress.com/ – Pasteurised Cow’s Milk, semi-hard; Pasteurised Goat’s Milk, semi-hard; Raw Goat’s Milk, Cheddar; Irish Raw Milk Cheese Presidium;

Knockanore Farmhouse Cheesehttp://www.knockanorecheese.com/ – Raw Cow’s Milk; Knockanore Cheddar – available red, white, mature and flavoured; 15 Fields – specially developed for Sheridan’s and matured by Sheridan’s, Raw Cow’s Milk, Cheddar;  Irish Raw Milk Cheese Presidium;

Mike’s Fancy Cheesehttp://www.mfcheese.com/ – Young Buck;  Raw Cow’s Milk; Blue; Irish Raw Milk Cheese Presidium;

St Tolawww.st-tola.ie – Raw Goat’s Milk;  Log; Ash Log; Crottin; Hard Cheese; Greek Style; Farm Tours; Irish Raw Milk Cheese Presidium

Toons Bridge Dairywww.toonsbridgedairy.com – Raw Buffalo Milk – Mozzarella; Raw Cow’s Milk – Mozzarella; Caciocavallo – stretched curd; Smoked Scamorza; Ricotta – fresh cheese; Halloumi – Raw Cow’s Milk & Raw Sheep’s Milk combined; ; Cultured Butter; Burrata; Pecorino Vincenzo, Raw Sheep’s Milk; Cardo, Raw Sheep’s Milk; set with Cardoon Thistle

Velvet Cloudwww.velvetcloud.ie – Pasteurised Sheep’s Milk, Yoghurt