The Garden Convivium


Contact: Hermione Winters




Dear Slowies

It’s time for Terra Madre Day again!  As you know, Terra Madre Day is an international Slow Food celebration of local food with local-level events organized in communities around the globe every year on December 10 (or thereabouts as far as we’re concerned!).  This year’s Terra Madre Day calls special attention to Slow Food’s “Menu for Change” campaign, which brings food to the centre of climate change conversations.  Buying as much locally produced food as possible will reduce air miles which will in turn help to reduce global warming and help save the planet.  Plus, with the added bonus that locally produced food, in season, is probably fresher and tastes far superior to any imported foods, plus it helps our economy!

The Garden Convivium Terra Madre Day Event:

When: Monday 11 December 2017
Time: 7:30pm to 10:30pm
Where: At Monica’s House in Glenageary
What: Bring-A-Dish, Bring-A-Bottle
Theme: Eat Local

The Challenge:

Bring-A-Dish comprising of a majority of local and seasonal ingredients, Click Here for a list of what’s in season.

The challenge is to try to not use any imported foods so you need to read the labels, you’d be surprised how much of our food is imported!!

Bring-A-Bottle contains the get out clause.  Although Irish spirits (especially any of the many artisan gins), craft beers, liqueurs, etc would be greatly appreciated, we look forward to drinking that foreign wine!!!!

Please let me know if you intend to come so we can make sure we have enough plates!


Yours slowly,

Hermione Winters

Convivium Leader, The Garden Convivium (27 November 2017)