The path to the future starts with what you put on your plate.
Food is a cause, victim, and — most exciting — a delicious solution to climate change.

It’s time to take action for a healthier planet!

Join the Food for Change Challenge from October 16 to October 22.

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Our food system is a huge burden on the environment and a major contributor to climate change, and as industrial faming and food production continue to swell, that weight bears ever more heavy. Your choices can make all the difference, by making little sacrifices or efforts, you can have an impact on the future of the planet. Just as every journey starts with a single step, we at Slow Food want to show you that starting with baby steps, you can take on habits that help you leave a smaller footprint for years to come.

Enter the Food for Change Challenge:

For one week, you commit to making one important change to how you eat:

– Go meat free for a week
– Only eat local for a week
– Waste zero food for a week