SMARTDEER is research project by UCD aimed at producing an up-to-date map of deer species in Ireland. Currently, we do not know how many deer there are in Ireland and where they are all located, so we need your help. There are four species of deer in Ireland – Sika, Red, Fallow and Muntjac. The SmartDeer project have produced a number of digital tools to help collect and analyse the data. There is an annual online survey where you can click on a map to show where you have seen deer.  The survey also, very usefully, includes photos and descriptions of each of the deer species.

For those of you out walking/hiking there is a free SmartDeer App, available on both iPhone and Android. The Tutorial on the App has photos and descriptions of each species of deer to help you identify the deer when you are out and about.

The SMARTDEER project needs as many people as possible to help spot the deer and enter the details either into the survey or the App. Please help! Further details and links to the survey, App, tutorials and social media can be found here on their website.