Fresh herbs should be an integral part of our cooking. Some herbs are used lavishly, others less frequently. Most herbs are perennial, in other words, once planted they remerge every year, others are annuals and a few are biannual – last for two years. Below is...

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Buttermilk Pots with Primroses

  These buttermilk creams are also delicious with roast peaches, apricots, nectarines, or rhubarb in season. 2 sheets of gelatine (use 3 sheets of gelatine if you plan to unmould each one)350 ml organic buttermilk60 g caster sugar1/2 vanilla pod250 ml...

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Lamb Kebabs

  A very simple, all-in-one recipe.  The yoghurt in the marinade helps to tenderise the lamb and the spices add an extra depth of flavour.  Succulent and delicious cooked under the grill or on the BBQ.  750 g boned shoulder of lamb1 green chilli2...

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Rhubarb Pie

RHUBARB PIE The pastry is made by the creaming method so people who are convinced that they suffer from 'hot hands' don't have to worry about rubbing in the butter. Pastry225 g butter50 g castor sugar2 eggs300 g white flourFilling900 g Rhubarb375 g sugaregg wash-made...

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Wild Garlic Soup

Wild Garlic Soup In Spring the air in the local forest is heavy with the smell of wild garlic. The pretty white flowers mix with the bluebells and primroses. Both the bulbs and leaves of wild garlic are used in this soup and the pretty flowers are divine...

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Hot Crab Soufflé

Hot Crab Soufflé A delicate, light and stunning crab soufflé recipe.  A soufflé recipe might sound daunting but is actually simple to prepare and the result is a stunner.  Garnish with crab claws for extra effect. 175 g crab meat25 g butter25 g plain...

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